Rural Destinations : Upper Mamring

MAMRING–Nestled in the hills at 5858 feet above sea level at Kurseong sub-division; it is a quiet little village with a pleasant climate all year round. Warm days and cool nights prevail during the month of April and October making it an ideal time for visiting this alluring village is a picturesque place truly blessed by the Almighty. . It is surrounded by high hills all round and is situated on a plateau type land (tar) which makes it unique from other places.

Mostly dominated by Sherpa, Khawas, Mukhia, Gurung, Rai. It is just 20km from Kurseong, 7km from Bagora towards left; the drive itself is a beautiful jungle safari, passing through pristine tall pine trees dotted with huge Alnus trees laden with beautiful green mosses and orchids. The drive passes through beautiful mountain streams and waterfalls. Mamring is self sufficient with its own organic agricultural products, ranging from raddish, carrot, peas, beans different kind of green leafy vegetable, beside agriculture, it also produce milk to milk products like cottages, local butter, panner etc. It also supplies its products to different towns & cities. It is one of the few places in the district that produce all organic products. Modernization and globalization here are rarely seen as the place still is intact with the traditional way of farming; still believe in myths and folktales. This place gives you a feeling that you are back to the old era. This vital natural gift of Mamring speaks for its beauty and naturally attracts people to come and experience its serenity. The natural beauty, hospitable attitude of the locals, amicable approach, tenderness in behavior, moreover all these factors have been a major advantage for Mamring to stand all the challenges that might come along the way.

It is realized that Mamring has immense potential to attract travellers from all over the world. It is blissfully blessed with natural beauty which is scenically embellished with religious and traditional aspects along with historical background as well.  So far the beauty of Mamring has been enjoyed by locals but now since it has so much to offer to quench the dire natural thirst of the people.

Things to Do in Mamring :

One can spend a day seeing the activities from morning to evening. Early morning from sunrise to milking cows. See the way of organic farming or if interested take part in the activities. Ample of tourist interest natural points, with moderate forest/village walks for families, adventures treks to Chatakpur, Labda, Bagora, Rayang Khola and short hikes for adventure lovers. Or visit houses where milk products are made in the old traditional ways.

Lodging and dining facilities in Mamring:

Mamring has opened its doors to the tourists; many Homestays have come up in these areas for comfortable stays. Homestays provides a unique experience to its visitors exposing them to the rich local culture, traditional lifestyle, delicious home cooked traditional meals. A very warm welcome in an elaborate traditional fashion is extended by the village community to each one of their visitors and guests and they are invited to stay in their homes as one of the village families. The accommodation is simple yet comfortable with good bedding and clean toilet facilities. Delicious local organic delicacies are served and the guests are offered the unique experience of eating their meals with host family as one of the family members.

How to Reach :

Mamring is connected with village road with Dilaram via Bagora and then all weather metalled road to Siliguri, Kurseong, and with nearest airport at Bagdogra & railway station at NJP, which both are around 2 ½ hrs drive.2 hrs from Darjeeling, 3 hrs from Kalimpong, 1 hr from Sittong & Latpanchor.

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