Darjeeling internationally acclaimed as one of the best hill resorts is also a veritable paradise for trekkers and adventure seekers. Trekking in Darjeeling is an experience which no lover of nature should miss. It takes one to places where nature is yet in her premival majesty.

It brings one face to face with the sublime grandeur of the Himalayas.

The region abounds in rhododendrons, magnolias, primulas, orchids and ferns of numerous varieties.

About six hundred different species of birds inhabit the emerald green forests on the slopes of the mountains. The following is a brief description of some of the most popular and most rewarding treks in the region.

Trekkers Hut and Private lodges are options for Accommodation during trek, trekkers hut are run by GTA Tourism Deparment in Singalila National Park and can be booked through GTA tourism Information center in Darjeeling or Kolkata.

Trekking in GTA

Sandakphu Trek


Distance : 118 kms
Days : 4 Days / 3 Nights
Altitute : 3636 mtrs

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Sandakphu-Phalut Trek


Distance : 160 kms
Days : 6 Days / 5 Nights
Altitute : 3500 mtrs

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Trekking in Kalimpong

Trekking in Kalimpong

  Days : Min: 4 Days,
Max: 8 Days
Altitute : 3000 ft. to 7000 ft

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Sandakphu Trek

  • Distance : 118 kms.

    Days : 4 Days / 3 Nights

    Altitute : 3636 mtrs.

    Sandakphu or Sandakfu or Sandakpur (3636 m; 11,941 ft) is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal, India. It is the highest point of the Singalila Ridge in Darjeeling district on the West Bengal-Nepal border. The peak is located at the edge of the Singalila National Park and has a small village on the summit with a few hostels. Four of the five highest peaks in the world, Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu can be seen from its summit. Sandakphu trek is perhaps one of the best and certainly the most popular of all the treks in Darjeeling for those having a limited time at their disposal. It offers the travellers an excellent view of the Kanchenjunga and the Everest group of mountain peaks in Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. It is advisable to start the trek early in the day and to cover ther distance from Darjeeling to Maneybhanjyang about 26 km. by jeep/buses. One can also go upto Sukhiapokhri, halfway from Darjeeling since transport to this point is easily available and from here to Maneybhanjyang either by jeep/buses or one can even trek from here to Maneybhanjyang(4 km). The drive from Darjeeling to Sukhia Pokhri is about one hour and from there to Maneybhanjyang another half an hour.

    Quick Itinerary

    Day 01)

    Darjeeling To Tonglu Trek Overnight in Tonglu

    Day 02)

    Tonglu to Kalapokhri Trek Overnight in Kalapokhri

    Day 03)

    Kalapokhri To Sandakphu Trek Overnight in Sandakphu

    Day 04)

    Sandakphu to Rimbik Trek, Drive to Darjeeling

    Detailed Itinerary

    Day 01 : Darjeeling to Maneybhanjyang Drive( 01 Hour), Trek Starts from Maneybhanjan in the morning. Trek to Tonglu through dense forests (3070 mt, 11 km). Reach Tonglu in the afternoon. Overnight at Tonglu.

    Day 02: Wake up early in the morning for a rare and beautiful view of the mountains around. After breakfast start trekking. Reach Gairibans at 2621 meters, Trek time 3 hrs, approx 9 kms, Trails leads one through bamboo glades and farmlands. Lunch at Gairibans. Trek to Kalipokhari 3170 meters. Distance is 6 Kms and it is about 3 hrs walk from Gairibas. Overnight at Kalipokhari.

    Day 03: From Kalipokhari the trek route descends to Bikhebhangang. Trek from Bikhebhanjang to Sandakphu is a steep climb of 4 kms and takes more then an hour. Sandakphu at 3636 meter, is the highest mountain in West Bengal and commands one of the most spectacular views of the mountain ranges of Kunchenjunga and Everest. The mountain slopes are covered with rhododendrons and silver fir trees.

    Day 04: Early morning trek to Rimbik. No break during the day. Trek through the most beautiful forests of the Singhalila range. One of the few places in the world where you might see a red panda in the wild.

    Reach Rimbik ,Later Drive to Darjeeling.

    Trek Ends

  • Sandakphu Phalut Trek

  • Distance : 160 kms

    Days : 6 Days / 5 Nights

    Altitute : 3500 mtrs

    Home to exotic red panda and Himalayan black bear, Singalila National Park is located at the higher ridges of Darjeeling Himalayas in the state of West Bengal. Spread over 78.60, the national park is a trekker’s paradise. Sandakphu Phalut trek is perhaps one of the best and certainly the most popular of all the treks in Darjeeling for those having a limited time at their disposal. This tour will take you to some of the mountain tops that seem to touch the skies and also to the deep valleys and beautiful lakes as well as to Sunderbans National Park. The view from Sandakphu and Phalut is unsurpassed by any view anywhere. Where else can be seen 180 degrees of snow-capped mountains which includes Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Kumbhakarna, Kanchenjunga, Chomolhari in one single stretch of snows-an ethereal beauty.

    Quick Itinerary


    Overnight in Tonglu


    Overnight in Kalapokhri


    Overnight in Sandakphu


    Overnight in Phalut


    Overnight in Rammam


    Detailed Itinerary

    Day 01 : Darjeeling to Tonglu ( 3070mt / 10072ft) 1.5 hr drive and 5 hrs trek” state=”closed”]We will start our trek after an early morning drive from Darjeeling to Maneybhanjang a small Buddhist Sherpa village. Our first camp will be at Tonglu and trek to Tonglu is through dense forest and hillside covered with wild flowers and breathtaking view of Kanchendzonga and its neighboring peaks like Kabru north, Sleeping Buddha etc. Overnight in Tonglu.

    Day 02 : Tonglu to Kalapokhri (3108mt / 10196ft ) 6 hrs trek” state=”closed”]From Tonglu we continue along the rhododendron covered ridges and descend to Jaubari, just inside the Nepal border, to gain our first uninterrupted views of the eastern Himalaya. From Jaubari descend to Gairibas (2620m) before a long, gradual ascent to the small lake and settlement at Kalapokhri. Overnight in Kalapokhri.

    Day 03 : Kalapokhari – Sandakphu (3636mt / 11929ft) 3/4hrs” state=”closed”]Today’s trail ascends to Sandhakphu through magnolia, blue pine and rhododendron forest. Sandhakphu is the highest point in this trek and the reward for all the trudging culminates in a magnificent panorama of the eastern Himalayas of Nepal and Sikkim, from Everest in the east all the way to to Jhomolhari in Bhutan. After lunch we take an excursion around Sandhakphu, which is a veritable botanists’ paradise. Apart from the different varieties of rhododendrons, plants like Streptous simplex, Trilidium govanianum, Primula rotundifolia, Fritillaria cirrhosa, Llydia and other flora like Anemone and Iris can be found here.

    Day 04 : Sandakphu – Phalut (3500mt/11482ft) 5/6hrs” state=”closed”]An easy day’s walk along the ridge through the forest of rhododendron, magnolia, chestnut, oak and silver fir to your lunch spot at Sabargram, 3536 m. All along, the imposing Himalayas loom large on the western horizon. After lunch, it is a short flat walk on the trail barring a gradual ascent finally before arriving at Phalut, a tri-junction point between Nepal, Sikkim and the Darjeeling District. Other than the different varieties of rhododendrons, you will also come across varieties of Meconopsis, Primulae, Orchids, Parnassia etc.

    Day 05 : Phalut – Rammam(2560mt/8398ft) 4/5hrs” state=”closed”]The trail goes all the way down through dense rhododendron forests and bamboo groves towards the village of Gorkhey. After lunch at Gorkhey, a short ascent will lead you to a picturesque village inhabited by Sherpa’s, Samanden, better known as the lost valley. Standing at a plateau in the middle of a dense forest this village is noted for its fertile land. The trail then leads to Rammam, a small village inhabited by Sherpa’s and Tamangs. From here there is a good view of Sikkim’s western hills.

    Day 06 : Rammam – Rimbick – Darjeeling” state=”closed”]A downhill trail takes us to the floor of the Sri Khola valley before climbing through thick forests of the Singalila National Park to the road head of Rimbick. A fascinating day as it offers another opportunity to experience a walk through untouched parts of the eastern Himalayas followed by a section through a couple of orderly hillside villages allowing us to see the local lifestyle from close hand. Afternoon Drive to Darjeeling. Trip ends.

  • Some useful hints regarding preparation for trek

  • Accommodation
    The Trekkers Hut under the management of GTA Tourism are available at Sandakphu region. Advance booking can be made through DDT,GTA Tourism, Silver Fir, Bhanu Sarani, Darjeeling. Private lodges are also available in all locations except Phalut.

    During these treks travellers will encounter extremes of weather. The routes pass through depths of valleys as low as 762 mts. and tops of mountains as high as 3640 mts. He will, therefore have to arrange his clothing accordingly. For treks at lower altitudes it is sufficient to have a light sweater, shirt and trousers. At higher altitude a heavy pullover topes by a wind-cheater is advisable. Adown jacket is very useful in high altitude. In case the trek is undertaken in winter-woolen cap and gloves is a must. A muffler may be an added advantage. A good plan is to start the trek in comfortable outfit and carry the excess clothing in rucksack, taking them out as and when necessary.

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    It has been found that the most common item of complaint is shoes. In long treks the necessity of a good, durable, comfortable pair of shoes can hardly be over emphasized. Such boots as ‘Hunter’ of Bata may be used. It is advisable to wear the shoes for some days prior to the trek. Remember to carry a few extra pairs of thick socks.

    No matter what time the trek is undertaken a light raincoat must from an essential part of the outfit. This may be folded and put into the rucksack when not in use. Weather may be unpredictable, particularly in higher altitudes.

    Although caretakers of some of the Trekkers’ Hut provide simple rice and dal at nominal rates, travellers must carry their own provisions. It is difficult to give extra advice on this subject as tastes vary, but broadly speaking the food should be such as can be easily carried and will keep in warmer climate. Tinned food, such as skinless sausages, packet or tin packed soup, cheese, peanut, butter, baked beans etc. will be helpful. Hard boiled eggs and bread may be taken as an advantage, rice and dal are excellent items. These may be cooked with ease at any place. it is essential to carry to packet of salt as this is a rare commodity at the higher altitude. For hot drinks tea or instant coffee, condensed milk and sugar may also be carried. It is suggested to carry a packet of Glucose powder which help to give energy while on trek. Rice, dal, eggs, chicken, onions and potatoes can be purchased enroute at most places through they are likely to be expensive. There are small tea shops enroute to Sandakphu, at places like Meghma, Gairibas, Kalpokhri, Gorkhey, Rammam,Srikhola and Rimbick.

    It is safe to drink spring water in the high altitudes. However it is advisable to carry water purifying tablets. Some brand names such as PINATAB and ZEOLIN 200 are easily available at the Chemist Shops at Darjeeling. Do carry a water bottle.

    Trekking equipments such as sleeping bag rucksack are available on hire from Off road adventure Office, H.D. Lama Road , Darjeeling. They Provide Equipments like Sleeping Bags, Mattress , Rucksack , Tent , Feather Jacket on Hire.

    Season for Travel
    The best months to trek in this region are April, May and October-November. During April-May there may be occasional showers. But this disadvantage would be fully compensated by the beauty of flowers, especially rhododendrons. Sometimes due to prolonged monsoons, there may be occasional rains during the first half of the month of October. But November is generally dry and visibility is excellent. First half of December is also good, though rather cold; besides that there are occasional snow falls.