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This village is popularly known among the people as the Orange village.The village is situated in the laps of the hill with waterfalls, beautiful lakes and the echoing green. Various types of fruits are found here specially the orange, as if filled with nectar. One can watch people with helping hands living in peace and harmony. Though life is tough in such difficult terrain each but each villager is sporting a smile of happiness. They cross you with a smiling face despite of the days struggle. It is really a wonderful place seen to be believed. As if a plot of heaven down on earth for us to enjoy, peaceful and serene. This is how beautiful the place Sittong is. Sittong is popularly known as the orange village for the Orange cultivation and production. The place can be reached via Mungpoo. This destination is also a hotspot due to the visit of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Sittong can be reached via Latpanchar and Ghaletar. For guest who loves adventure and enjoy, October is the right time to visit is from October to January when oranges can be seen everywhere. Yaksaa is the home developed for tourist. It is a community based home tourism site. The people along with the scenic beauty will mesmerize all. Sunrise and sunset and the view of mount Kanchenjunga along with the rest of the Himalayan range, Forest & Nature trek, birding and butterfly watching, Village excursions, are some of the activities one can indulge in. Joining the local for the evening drink is also an experience of its own. Leisure tour, offbeat destination, home stay whatever you name the destination is one of the few places close to heaven. The home stay is with traditional food, but one can also join the family and cook something of your own. Sittong – Shelpu – Latpanchar – Mungpoo is nice for short trek too. Perfect Place for Eco tourism, nature enthusiast and those who are interested to feel the wild Himalayas. A chance to feel the culture of the local people more closely with fooding, and home stay facilities available.

Things to Do in Sittong:

Sightseeings: You can visit the local church. Previously, there used to be a 100-year old Bamboo church here but now a new building has come up. There is a Bamboo Bridge, which you would love to see wobbling when someone crosses.

You can also spend time walking all around the village along the farms or sit idle on the banks of Riyang river and watch the Lepcha kids returning home. In Sittong, you would love doing “nothing.” The house of Rabindranath Tagore at Mongpoo is just 8 kms away and Latpanchar – the highest point in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is 13 km from Sittong.

Enjoying Oranges: when you are in Sittong, there is one thing you cannot miss doing – “Enjoying Oranges.” When the oranges bloom, the whole village is covered in a hue of orange. You can also spend time walking all around the village along the farms or sit idle on the banks of Riyang river and watch the Lepcha kids returning home.

Bird Watching: You can enjoy a dip in the Riyang River and do some bird watching and butterfly watching too.

Adventure: You can also avail some light treks to the nearby Labda village and few nearby spots with a local guide. Sittong also provides adventure activities like rock climbing – mountain biking – camping – trekking – hiking.

Lodging and dining facilities in Sittong:

Good Numbers of Home stay options are available in sittong , One can book through online or find homestay once they reach sittong.

How to reach-

Air Route

The nearest airport Bagdogra just 83 km  well  connected  with Delhi, Kolkata, North East and other part of India.

Rail Route:

NJP  nearest Railway Junction 73 km well connected with all major destinations in India.

By Road:   Route-1 : NH 31A after crossing Sevoke on the way to Gangtok, Sikkim , from Kalijhora (5 km from Sevoke Coronation Bridge) take left turn by another 13 km inside ‘Mahananda Wild Life Sactuary you will reach LATPANCHOR next 30 minutes bumpy road (must on 4 wheel drive) will reach SITTONG the orange village.

Route-2 : From Mongpoo bazaar (55 km from Siliguri) take left turn towards Labda and next 30 minutes after crossing Riyang river you will reach SITTONG the orange village.

NB: Road is extremely bad from Mongpoo you need to take a 4 wheel drive and don’t explore this road during monsoon because you have to cross the Riyang river.

Route-3 : Hill Cart Road crossing Kurseong (55 km from Siliguri) take right turn via Dilaram , Bagora you will reach ‘GHAREYTAR’ (total 75 km ) down 20 minutes 4 Wheel Drive you will reach SITTONG the orange village.

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