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Darjeeling ‘Queen of Hill stations’ is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world and one other thing they like most in here is the shopping. There are amazing shops and boutiques that have a great collection of clothes for men, women and children.

Darjeeling has various places from where one can pick up local handicrafts which are beautifully made and also many traditional dresses made by the local women which are very fashion forward. These are perfect for taking back home for souvenirs. If you like taking some more originals of such pieces then you should visit the Tibetan Self Help center where the uniquely beautiful handicrafts are manufactured. You could find some of these even in the Hayden hall which is an NGO that basically works for the women empowerment. Along the streets of Darjeeling town one would find many shopping complex. Some popular ones are the Mahakal Market, Dragon Market, Fancy Market, Capital market and Singhalila Market. These have an amazing collection of men’s and women’s wear. They keep a wide variety of jackets, trousers, pullovers, shoes and boots. The weather allows the locals to wear some warm jackets and boots with a soft woolen muffler and these are readily available at the stores.

Recently a new market has been opened in the town called the Rink mall which houses many boutiques and clothing stores. There are also many stores in Darjeeling from where one could buy a wide variety of tea and these are considered to be world’s best tea. You could also buy the raditional weapon of the Gorkha community called the Khukhuri which are beautifully decorated and are sold in many curio shops. Besides one can also buy beautiful rings, neck pieces and bangles that have an ethnic taste to it. There are array of shops along the streets from where one can buy leather items, silver items, woolen items, etc. One very interesting souvenir could be the paper painting done by the local Bhutia men and women, which depicts the stories of their life and of their deities.

Darjeeling is famous for the Toy Train which has also been declared as the world heritage site by the UNESCO. People can get a ride on the train and also get to take some souvenirs for there are miniature models and pictures of the Toy train. Besides, there are studios and shops on the way to Chowrasta from where amazingly beautiful pictures can be purchased. All in all Darjeeling is a shopping destination for almost all items.

Miscellanous Shopping

Chowk Bazar


Hayden Hall


Oxford Book Store



Das Studio


Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre


Chowrasta, Nehru Road


Life and Leaf


Tea Shopping

Golden Tips



Happy Golden Cafe


Nathmull Tea 


The House of Tea


Chowk Bazaar

  • Chowkbazaar-darjeelingThe quaint tea stalls, small shops stocking Buddhist artefacts and household bric-a-brac and a line-up of vegetable stalls set up on the sloping lanes of Chowk Bazaar (also called Lower Bazaar) attract many travellers. Favourite picks include carved boxes, masks, hand spun textiles, fur caps, rugs, silverware and brassware. Located on the Hill Cart Road, the bazaar is a local favourite, and is always buzzing with traffic snarls. Explore the inner by-lanes of the market on foot and you will find a miscellany of products, from groceries, accessories, shoes, decorative items and woollens in almost every shop. The market is especially crowded on the weekends.

    ADDRESS: Near Post office, Darjeeling,

    SHOPPING TYPE: Local Market

  • Hayden Hall

  • Hayden Hall, (opposite the State Bank of India on Laden La Road), a Roman Catholic social service centre also has a brilliant handicrafts section with the purpose of helping the local people.  You must check out the variety of woollens and other warm clothing here. These woollens are not just of great quality but also very fashionable, something that you can flaunt back home.

    Timings – All days of the week

    9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

    Address – 42 Laden La Road, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734101, India

    Shopping Type : Book Store

  • Oxford Book Store

  • Oxford-book-storeIf you’ve had your fill of the souvenirs and accessories that are common to the hill town’s markets, then head to one of the most remarkable landmarks of the hill town—the Oxford Book Store. Built in the typical hill-style architecture of fretwork and pitched roof, the Oxford Book Store has been a Mall Road landmark for over 60 years. It has a large collection of books on travel and tourism for places like Darjeeling, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas. A favorite haunt amongst avid readers and explorers, this small book shop also houses a small section where the owners sell Darjeeling tea to visitors.

    Address : Chowrasta, Darjeeling

    Shopping Type : Book Store

  • Das Studio

  • dAS-STUDIOThe people who are familiar with Darjeeling, Das Studio is a well known landmark. This large store which has grown much beyond just a photo studio is a family run business. Das studio is more of a museum than a shop, a true delight for photographers. They not only sell basic films and develop them but also sell archival prints and have a huge gallery with landscapes from the Himalayas.

    Address : Das Studio 15 Nehru Road, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

    Phone: 0354 225 4004

  • The Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre

  • Tibetan-Refugee-Self-Help-CentreThe Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre is a self-supporting help Centre for Tibetan refugees, which also manufactures some Tibetan handicrafts. It was established in 1959, the year the Dalai Lama sought refuge in India. It has special significance for the Tibetans, since the 13th Dalai Lama (the present one is the 14th) spent his exile here in 1910-12. All that remains of his house now is the foundation and some crumbling walls, however.

    The picturesquely situated Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre began in 1959, the year the Dalai Lama sought refuge in India. Today, the centre is home to about 650 Tibetans and sells superb carpets, wood carvings, woolens, thangkas, metalwork and Tibetan curios. The best way to enjoy your visit to the place is take a tour of these various workshops, which are open to visitors.

    You will find a wide choice of Tibetan handicrafts here. The Tibetan woolen carpet is very popular and worth buying. This place is great to pick up some exquisite home decor items. And it’s just the place if you’re looking to take home some beautiful souvenirs!

    Timings – All days of the week

                       9:00 AM – 7:30 PM

    Address – Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center, 65 Gandhi Road, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734101, India

    Website :

  • Chowrasta, Nehru Road

  • darj110Chowrasta and Nehru Road are amazing places to shop in Darjeeling. Shop for the rarest and most gorgeous curios that you can find in the city. Not to forget the lovely accessories that you can find here, which are a shoppers delight!

    The ambience of this place is delightful and the shopkeepers will always speak to you with a smile, even if they are bargaining hard with you. It is great fun to watch the huge number of people shopping with great enthusiasm in the Chowrasta and the Nehru Road in Darjeeling.

  • Life and Leaf

  • leaf_trade_shopLIFE AND LEAF is designed to link the micro-enterprises communities, particularly those selling green products to the appropriate markets and to ensure the best returns to the producers, to benefit artisans and not to maximize profits. The store markets products ranging from handicrafts to agricultural produce made by villagers in key bio diversity areas who are organized into grassroots institutions.

    The producers and artisans of Life and Leaf are from villages situated in key bio-diversity rich areas in the Eastern Himalayas such as wildlife sanctuaries. These artisans are organized to act as stewards of natural resources. All income is reinvested as cash incentives and training inputs in support of these groups

    Timings : 10am-7pm Mon-Sat

    Address : Chowrasta, Darjeeling

  • Golden Tips and Tea Lounge

  • golden-tips-tea-cosyGolden tips tea lounge as its name suggest is amongst the most pioneer tea stall or tea lounge of Darjeeling. Located adjacent to the Nathmulls tea and sunset lounge the Golden tips have its own history and accomplishment. Golden tips who are renowned as tea merchants of Darjeeling takes active participation in collecting and packaging tea from different corner of India and Darjeeling along with the Nathmulls. An essence of exotic varieties of tea in fact serves as a core of the tea shop but adding to its popularity and distinct taste they have initiated the tea lounge where traveler would have an opportunity to taste the vivid freshness of different tea along with snacks which are served here.

    Address :
    , Chowrasta, Darjeeling

    Website :

  • Happy Golden Cafe

  • Happy-Goldens-CafeHappy Valley Tea Estate, At the end of the T P Banerjee Road – a small, steep road off Hill Cart Road (Approx 3km from Chowk Bazaar, 1km from Botanical Gardens). Daily working schedule from 8am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday is observed here. This tea estate is within walking distance of Darjeeling. You’d get there quicker walking anyway as the traffic on Hill Cart Road is always terrible. The walk back up to Hill Cart Road is quite steep (not recommended for anyone who’s feeble) but it’s worth it. You’ll need to pay a guide a small fee to show you around the factory (around Rs.50-70) The best quality tea at the Happy Valley Tea Estate is known as SFTGFOP (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) – seriously. Make sure you also visit the Happy Golden Cafe in the small shack-like building nearby. Depending on availability, a cup of delicious SFTGFOP tea will set you back a mere Rs.50.

    Address: Lebong Cart Rd, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

    Phone: 080890 70752

  • Nathmulls Tea and Sunset Lounge

  • NathmullsSunset lunge and Nathmulls tea which is quaintly located at the Chowrasta mall area of Darjeeling is basically a tea lounge where you can sit relax and can sip a refreshing flavor of tea. A visit here would give you an opportunity to view the dying rays of sun which in turn compliments the chilly evening with an essence of an exotic tea.

    About the Lounge

    This new store was opened in 2009 along with the Sunset Lounge or the Tea Lounge where you can drink Darjeeling tea. It is so named because of it lovely location from where you can see the lovely sunset view. As you get inside the store through the tiny area between the benches to pass through there is a long counter of the lounge. It has a low showcase on the right on top of which large varieties of loose tea are kept in containers. You can check the quality of the tea there and order as per your choice. There are also wall cabinets on the left on which Darjeeling tea packs are stacked of different varieties. Since Nathmulls is a tea shop it also sells tea accessories. They are displayed on the left side glass cabinets which includes tea pots and cups (metallic and ceramic), tea cozies and strainers. Some of the items sold here can be a part of a huge collection. At the end of this passage is the Sunset Lounge. The window side table provides a great view of the valleys. It has a very relaxed ambience with a light soft music on at the background and also has an open kitchen as to you can see your tea been brewed by the working lady there. The lounge has glass top tables with cane chairs. The lounge also has a free Wi-Fi access so one can sip and surf the net at the same time. The shop has Darjeeling tea ranging from Rs. 350 per kg to Rs. 30,000 per kg for the white teas which have a lot of snob value.

    Tea served

    You have a menu card with various choices of tea. A regular black tea cost here Rs. 25, and a small pot of that for Rs. 45. The other grades under the black tea with increasing rates are Standard, Medium, Premium and Exotic tea. The Nathmulls stores also offer Nathmulls Limited Edition Tea that includes Darjeeling White Tea, Ice Tea, hot lemon tea and of different varieties of Darjeeling green tea. You can also have a cup of Herbal tea with flavors of basil, mint and spicy and also the rare varieties of Nathmulls Yellow Tea. It also has an arrangement of light snacks to be eaten along with the tea. Your cup of tea is served on a transparent glass cup. Try the golden colored tea without milk and sugar so as to get the real flavor.

    Address – Laden-La road main store:

    Suite: 21, Chachan Mansions, Laden La Road, Darjeeling – 734 101, India


    Mobile : (Mr. Girish Sarda):  (+91) 94340 46335

    Website :

  • The House of Tea

  • The-Hous-of-TeaThe House of tea is a premium tea cafe in Darjeeling that offers to its clients some of the world’s best teas from world renowned tea estates. Customers and tourists from around the world have the luxury of walking into our cafe and tea tasting the finest teas from a collection of over 35 varieties. The House of Tea is a franchise of Goodricke’s garden fresh teas in Darjeeling. The company is managed by Puri & Company which was established in 1945. Puri & Co are one of the oldest business families residing in Darjeeling. We were famous for being a pioneering pharmacist in Darjeeling and over a few decades diversifying towards manufacturing of some mouth watering homemade ice creams.

    Address : The House of Tea Manufacturing & Packaging Center,  11 Nehru Road Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

    Website :

    Telephone: 022-32039490/ 9167202488