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Paragliding in DarjeelingParagliding in Darjeeling was introduced 8 years back and has become a fast growing adventure activity that is drawing Indian as well as western tourists for adventure holidays! Paragliding as a recreational adventure sports in Darjeeling is liked both by youngsters as well as mature people who like to entertain themselves with this amazing sports once in their lifetime. Paragliding in Darjeeling is organised by expert paragliding pilots who have more than a decade experience with Paragliding and Flying in Darjeeling and other parts of country. During Paragliding in Darjeeling one will experience flying above main town and mall areas where thousands of people is seen cheering and when they see glider which no other location in world is to be experienced. Panoramic view of Nepal and Sikkim Himalayas during paragliding fly also make it one of the most memorable and adventurous  experience.

Flying options in Darjeeling:

Darjeeling Fly
The flying take off is saint pauls and landing in Lebong Ground Darjeeling. Duration of the Fly 10 minutes to 30 Minutes (Depends on Wind Condition)

Jamuney Fly
Approximately 20-30 minutes Drive From Darjeeling, Jamuney is the upcoming tourist destination in darjeeling. Take off from Tukvar Tea Garden and Landing in Jamuney Ground. Duration of the fly 10 mintues to 45 Minutes. ( Depends on Wind Condition)

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