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The Darjeeling hills have an old and great tradition of boarding schools. During the 19 century, the British allowed missionaries from various countries to set up many fine schools in the hills.

These schools have a rich tradition of games, music, operas, elocution – high standard of English, drama and other co-curricular activities. They have their own crest and motto. Pupils are expected to do their best to attain that harmonious development which will make them worthy citizens of a great nation sincerely committed to God, home and country. Each alumnus of these schools swears by the values that they learned in these hallowed institutions.

The schools host students from Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other countries. Besides boarding children, they also cater to the local students and have greatly enhanced the educational system and prestige of the state. All schools follow the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE and ISC) curriculum.

The bond that the children form during their school days remains with them for life. The alumni of these schools include royalty of neighboring countries like Bhutan and Nepal.

Character development, physical agility and a heart to help others are the core values imparted by these schools. The following schools still imbibe and impart these values to the children of today.