Rural Destinations : Mungpoo

Mungpoo is notable for the Rabindra Museum, the museum of the great poet and guru Rabindranath Tagore.

The town is also famous for its government cinchona (or quinine) factory established in 1864, where chemist Charles H. Wood perfected the extraction process. (There is also a government emetine factory here, established in 1984). These factories are administered by the Directorate of Cinchona under the Directorate of Industries (Government of West Bengal). The activities of the Directorate, which has operated since the 1860s in the hills of the Darjeeling District, originated in the former Bengal Presidency in the 1860s. The Directorate of Cinchona & Other Medicinal Plants (C & OMP) controls a vast area of 10,023.61 acres of land in Mungpoo.

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