Rural Destinations : Lingsey

Lingsey a remote village of Kalimpong Sub-Divison is situated at an altitude of 4800 ft and is 24 km from Pedong & 52 km from Kalimpong . It is assessable from Kalimpong & Gangtok also, via Rhenock a small town of East Sikkim near Aritar. Lingsey is an ideal eco-village tourist destination where tourist can enjoy and be with the nature. Blessed with so much of natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage, majestic mountains, lush green forest intermingled with hospitable people provided the most suitable landscape. It is ideal opportunities to effectively use tourism as a tool for conservation and at the same time reap economic benefits from the business. Village tourism in Lingsey is a unique experience in the Hills. One gets to experience the various ethnic tribes and clans of this region. The Lepcha’s the first known settlers, the Bhutia’s who traced their ancestry to Tibet and the Gorkhali the largest ethnic community provide vibrant cultural presence and warm cordiality of the rural people never fails the mesmerize one.

The ethnic communities have distinct language, culture, customs and architecture which becomes an ideal experience for the visitors to sample. The houses are mostly built from local materials and are well constructed and comfortable. The overwhelming impression of the village is one of order and cleanliness but with a warm and welcoming feel to it. Well designated trails through the village are neatly carved out along the terraced rating the outer house environment beautifully is expressed through a riot of Orchids and Begonias. With ample of rain and warm sunny days the greenery up by melodious bird calls this certainly becomes a high light of one’s trip. The panoramic mountain vista just adds on to the beauty of the landscape. Short walks around the village take you to the local households, cardamom and paddy fields, local shrines, lakes, waterfalls, nearby forest and herbal gardens.

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