A kayak, as we know, is a narrow canoe or a boat propelled by paddles, generally  by one person. Here in Darjeeling currently off road adventure are the only one who organize kayaking trips, For kayaking trip the water sports team of Off Road Adventure will take downhill to River Singla approx. 230m (25kms from Darjeeling) above the sea level, meandering between Sikkim and India. Undoubtedly this drop of around 1800 m is sure to be rewarded with more fun and warmth. This sport will last the whole day initiated by a brief session wherein the paddlers will be given instructions as per their activity. Soon after that, under vigilant supervision, the amateurs will be on their own exploring the marine and scenic beauty as per their taste and interest. When fun and learning come together what can be more wonderful.

Chota Rangeet river which flows near Singla is Perfect for Beginners Those Who want To Learn Kayaking, This Place is Also Hot spot for Family, Groups and Adventure Lovers those Who Like to Go For Camping, Kayaking and Do Other Adventure in One Place. One Can also Visit Sikkim which is approx 1km from singla after staying Overnight in Singla.

Options for Kayaking in Darjeeling

1) One Day kayaking in Singla

2) One Day kayaking with Camping in Singla

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