Getting Around GTA

By Bus

Travelling around GTA region is fairly easy. There is an extensive road network which connects most places in GTA region with motorable roads. There are private as well as state transport corporation run bus services which service all the major locations.

Despite the overcrowding, noise and off-schedule service, there is a special charm in travelling in the private buses which are brightly painted and filled with colourful local characters.

Do not be surprised if you see buses making unscheduled stops, especially in the rural areas, to pick up passengers waiting at all sorts of places besides the regular bus-stand.

By Car

If you are interested in exploring GTA region on your own and at your own pace, then a car is a very good option. There are ubiquitous tourist taxis, which are available near most hotels and resorts and at all the tourist attractions. Most hotels also arrange a taxi for you on request. You will also find taxis who have  interstate license and can take you to nearby destinations outside GTA region.

The taxis can be hired per trip or for the whole day. Ensure that you fix a price for the entire journey before you sit in, so that you don’t get overcharged at the end of the trip.

By Motorcycle

Whether you are a cyclist or a motorbike rider, few adventure companies in GTA region provides both at hiring bases. Riding in this region gives you  a true beauty of the Eastern Himalayas, this Himalayan route allows you to ride along the chugging Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and weave through some unbelievably steep and winding roads. The hill culture, a heady mixture or Hinduism and Buddhism and the heavenly sights of the Kanchenjunga are some fine attributes of this route. Either you can take a guided organized tour or take a motor bike on rent. Cost of hiring bikes differ with companies, one should check price with all other companies before booking with any.