DHR Fare Details

SN.Train/Coach NameClass­­FareTotal fare


Service tax

From & To station
1Jungle Safari1st Class


Per Passenger






Rs. 580/-Rs. 605/-SGUJ-GBE-SGJiRound


2Steam Special Jungle Safari1st Class


Rs. 580/Rs. 605/-SGUJ-RTG-SGJJRound Trip
3Joy Ride Steam Loco1st Class



Rs. 1050/-Rs. 1090/-DJ-GHUM-DJ




Round Trip




4Joy Ride Diesel LocoRs. 600/-Rs. 625/-
5Executive Class Joy Ride SpecialHeritage


Rs. 1100/Rs. 1140/





Tourist Charter



1st Class




Per Charter Train





Rs. 55.000/-Rs. 57,040/-Single TripAny station to any station in DHR





Rs. 87,500/-Rs. 90,745/-Round
School Carter



2nd Class




Rs. 35.000/Rs. 36,300/-Trip Single
Rs. 55.000/-Rs. 57,040/-Trip Round trip


Heritage Coaches CDR-149Per CoachRs. 18.530/-Rs. 19,040/-Single Trip





Any station to

any station in DHR








Heritage Coaches RA-124Rs. 18,530/-Rs. 19,040/-
Heritage Coaches FH-14Rs. 18.530/-Rs. 19,040/-
81″ Class CoachRs. 18,530/Rs. 19,040/-
92″” Class CoachRs. 9.500/Rs. 9,855/-Single Trip




10Flat Open WagonRs. 9,50::/Rs. 9,855/-
11Covered wagonRs. 9.500/-Rs. 9,855/-
12Himalayan on Wheels1st Class


Per Passenger





Rs. 580/-Rs. 605/-KGN-MHN-KGNRound Trip



13Hill QueenExecutive Class

1st Class




Rs. 1050/Rs. 1090/-DJ-SAD-DJ
14Red Panda52554 DNRs. 790/-DJ <GNSingle trip






1st Class


Rs. 790/-KGN-DJSingle trip

How do you book ticket?

You can book ticket by simply visiting your nearest Computerized Reservation Center in India OR you may log inwww.irctc.co.in for online booking. If you do not have the opportunity to book, never mind, just drop in DHR station and book your ticket.