Accommodation in GTA region is plentiful with a variety of hotels, resorts, homestays and guest houses to suit every budget and every taste. There are simple and bare rooms available for the thriftiest of back-packers and five-star deluxe luxury suites for those that want to indulge their fancies.

Almost all round the year, travellers are usually assured of finding a room - if not in a hotel, then at least in a private house. However, come the peak season of October to  November and April to May, you are likely to experience problems, unless you book your rooms well in advance.

In a recent poll conducted by Todays Traveller, GTA Darjeeling receives Todays Traveller Best Rural Tourism Destination Award for year 2014 and Best All-Season Destination for year 2015

Just around dussehra festival, Gta region is in festive mood and plays host to hundreds and thousands of visitors from all over India and around the world. So accommodation is at a premium everywhere.

Most accommodation in GTA can be categorised in the following typical types:

Budget Hotels

This type of accommodation is suitable for the budget-minded traveller and especially the backpacking tourist. This can range from simple, bare rooms in regular guesthouses to cosy well furnished rooms in family-run guesthouses.

This kind of accommodation is costlier in the tourist areas and cheaper if you go in the local public areas. A decent double room, attached bath and toilet typically costs around Rs. 800/-. The prices usually double in the peak season period.

It is always a good idea to check the state of the bathroom and toilet confirming your reservation with money.

Mid-Range Hotels

The next step up is the budget mid-range hotels which are to be found all over Gta region and form the major portion of the available accommodation. These have proper reception areas, well appointed rooms, room service and usually a restaurant.

Off season, these hotels are the best bet for your stay. But, most of these hotels are fully booked during season time, so finding a room might be a little difficult. However there are still rooms to be found for the walk-in tourist although at a slightly higher tariff.

The tariffs for rooms at such hotels range between Rs 1500/- to Rs 4000/- for a good-sized room with a fan, en-suite bath/toilet, a balcony and hot and cold running water. There are optional such as cable TV are also available. Most 1-star and uncategorized hotels fall in this category.

Upmarket Hotels

These higher budget range hotels in Gta can be classified into two categories: the slick modern 2-star and 3-star hotels which can be found in all the major towns as well as all the popular tourist point and the high-priced international standard 5-star luxury resorts which cater to the rich and the famous. The luxury resorts are all located in the main town areas within easy walking distance to malls.

Resorts in this category typically have their own restaurants with different cuisines, coffee shops, large swimming pools, sports and gym facilities along with shops selling everything from books to carpets.

The luxury rooms at these type of establishments range typically from Rs 4000/- to Rs 15000/- per night and it is often best to stay at these hotels.

Guest Houses

GTA region is a traveler’s hub and serves to everyone with equal love and warmth. It does not disappoint even those who want to shell out less on stay and more on other things while on a trip to GTA. Guest houses in GTA region are a hit among the backpackers who are a major chunk in the kind of travelers pie chart for lovely region of GTA.

Stay in Guest stay can make you spend only around INR 800 to INR 1600 per night depending on the time of the year.

Home Stay

Home Stay in GTA region can be one of the unforgetable moment of your life, Because gta region has got diverse in culture, climate, custom, creature and community. That is why if you are planning for a holiday in GTA region you should also plan to stay in rural areas of GTA where number of  trained Homestays are available in various locations of the region. GTA tourism department have already trained hundreds of Homestays. The Home stay allows visitors of GTA region to stay with Nepalese family. The Home stay participant lives with the family sleeping in a Nepali home, taking their meals with the family, and maybe even touring the city or celebrating a holiday or birthday with them. The program provides a unique opportunity to learn about Nepali culture, make new friends and extended family, and provide direct assistance to the Nepali people, many of whom are saving for their children’s future education.

A decent home stay room with attached toilet typically starts from tariff of Rs 500 per Night, Well no certain fixed rate is there by homestays. Rates of Homestays  depends on their location, facilities, and services provided by homestay.